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9/30/2014 Canadian Olympic team article Here’s the pitch: baseball players deserve more credit (pitching section) by Mark Nadolny (fastest pitch speeds-Ryan).
9/26/2014 Deportes Americanos article Los pitchers y sus lanzamientos (y III) by Angel Carillo (pitching grips).
9/11/2014 USA Today Sports article Aroldis Chapman has thrown twice as many 100-mph fastballs as the rest of MLB pitchers combined by Ted Berg - ForTheWin (fastest pitch speeds - myth Chapman 106mph).
9/11/2014 Canadian Olympic team article Shuttlecock and balls: The fastest moving objects in sport by Mark Nadolny (fastest pitch speeds).
9/1/2014 ESPN Grantland article The 30: For the Orioles, Cardinals, Jays, and Rangers, Timing Is Everything by Jonah Keri (reaction time).
8/20/2014 Dr. Rob Palumbo, Palumbo Sports Medicine, article Protecting the Arm of Little League’s Most Popular Pitcher by Dr Rob Palumbo (comparative pitch speeds).
8/13/2014 NJ.com article VIDEO: Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw accepts Philly Lille Leaguer Mo'ne Davis' challenge by AJ Perez (comparative pitch speeds).
8/11/2014 Sports.Mic article This Bad*ss 13-Year-Old Girl Just Made Little League History by Smriti Sinha (average pitch speeds by age group).
8/11/2014 Elite Daily article Little League Star Mo’ne Davis Proves ‘Throw Like A Girl’ Doesn’t Mean What It Used To by Joseph Milord (comparative pitch speeds).
8/9/2014 TwinCities.com article Twinsights: It’s official — Kennys Vargas punishes baseballs by Mike Berardino (exit speeds).
8/8/2014 Sports Cheat Sheet article 8 MLB Pitchers Throwing 100 MPH or Faster in 2014 by Eric Schaal (fastest pitch speeds).
8/3/2014 Portland Press Herald article More and more, Tommy John surgery is needed for young baseball players by Mark Emmert (fastest pitch speeds).
7/28/2014 Fox SportsSouth Live TV broadcast, Padres vs. Braves 3rd/4th innings factoid about pitch speeds and reaction times, and mention of efastball.com on air (pitch speeds and reaction time).
7/22/2014 Times Herald article LITTLE LEAGUE: Taney's Mo'ne Davis showing she can play with the boys by Tony Fioriglio (comparative pitch speeds).
7/5/2014 CBS Sports article Photo of the day: Ted Williams, from above by Dayn Perry (knuckle alignment myth).
5/31/2014 The Courier article Prep softball: Alvelo shuts down Titans by Dave Hanneman (comparative pitch speeds).
5/27/2014 HaulsofShame article on alleged record setting baseballs up for auction The World’s Fastest-Pitched Balls Or Just Two More Halper Curves? Alleged Ryan & Feller Record Breakers Pulled By Goldin Re-Appear At LOTG Auction by Peter J. Nash (fastest pitch speeds).
4/21/2014 Orlando Sentinal article Make your pitch to be a millionaire by Brian Schmitz (fastest pitch speeds).
3/23/2014 Livestrong.com article The Average Bat Speed for a Youth Baseball Player by Kay Tang (exit speeds).
10/20/2013 Rant Sports article Two Miami Marlins Pitchers Among the Fastest in 2013 by J.S. Cruz (fastest pitch speeds).
10/8/2013 Lider Endeportes article Bruce Rondón lanzó una recta a ¡103.6 mph! by Octavio Hernández Pernía (fastest pitch speeds).
5/10/2013 Mythbusters (Tested.com) article How the Brain Perceives a 100 Mile Per Hour Fastball by Wesley Fenlon.
3/8/2013 Sports Illustrated article Bring The Heat - The 10 most powerful pitchers in baseball history (the new SI link does not have any external reference links in it) (original story here) Lead Story (see #4 Randy Johnson and #3 Nolan Ryan) by Jay Jaffe, Joe Lamire, and Ted Keith.
1/25/2013 China Times (one of the four biggest papers in Taiwan) article Major League ever breaking 100 miles Luo Jiaren fastball speed or translated (fastest pitch speeds)
9/5/2012 60ft6in.com article The 2009 100+ MPH Class by Rick Swanson (fastest pitch speeds).
8/26/2012 UT San Diego article BASEBALL Pitchers continue to push radar gun to new heights, but how much faster can they get? by Jeff Sanders [no attribution??] (fastest pitch speeds).
7/26/2011 LiveStrong article The Average Pitching Velocity by Steve Silverman
5/31/2011 TideSports.com article Softball's Traina comes through in clutch by Tommy Deas (equivalent pitch speeds)
4/20/2011 BleacherReport.com article Aroldis Chapman and the 15 Fastest Pitches Ever Recorded by Brandon McClintock
3/3/2011 RedReporter.com article Scouting Reds Pitchers - Travis Wood by JinAZ
12/14/2010 LiveStrong article The Speed of Baseballs by Linda Ray
9/7/2010 Sports Illustrated article Thirty Two Fast Pitchers (SI broke that link) (original story here) by Joe Posnanski
9/4/2010 Seattle Times article Fireballing pitcher prove that speed thrills and a 9/13/2010 AP article Baseball's focus shifts to fireballing phenoms by Larry Stone
9/2/2010 SportsCenter.com For Comparison's Sake - Aroldis Chapman's Fastball (via OC Register link)
8/24/2010 Salisbury (NC) Post article Parnell turns up heat in Houston by Bret Strelow
7/27/2010 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article Power Arms make rapid return to MLB hills by Rob Biertempfel
4/13/2010 Orange County Register article Baseball's Hardest Throwers Ever by Dan Woike
4/13/2010 MSNBC version article Baseball's Hardest Throwers Ever by Dan Woike [article now deleted]
9/17/2009 The New York Times article In Playoffs, Yankees Could Be Facing Tigers' Hard-Throwing Verlander by Ben Shpigel
6/8/2009 The Washington Times article Throwing 100 mph isn't enough in majors by Bob Cohn
8/27/2008 Fanatique.ca article Jericho Scott: une vedette de 9 ans?

Referenced in Books and Studies

The vision company Essilor, Inc. article: Visual Acuity: Keeping Your Eye on the Ball 7/29/2014 (Reaction Time).
Physics Study: On the size of sports fields March 28, 2014 by Baptiste Darbois Texier, Caroline Cohen, Guillaume Dupeux, David Quéré and Christophe Clanet (Exit Speed).
Book: Baseball Injuries: Case Studies, by Type, in the Major Leagues March 25, 2013 by W. Laurence Coker (Ch. 16 Exit Speed).
Book: Playing with Purpose: Mariano Rivera March 1, 2013 by Jesse Florea and Mike Yorkey (fastest pitchers).
Book: Baseball's Iconic 1-0 Games January 17, 2013 by Warren N. Wilbert.
On Demand Book: Fastball 2012 by Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn.
Science Fiction Short Story: Out With The Crowd October 1, 2012 by Michael Haynes was inspired by the Fastest Pitchers Ever.
A Physics Exam question: What's the fastest a human being can react? 6PH01 Physics on the Go (Unit 1) on Jan 2012 by Physog UK.
Science Fair: Google Science Fair 2011 Project by Coppell (TX) High School students David Denton, Matt Wachter, and Chris Cummins (reaction time).
Law School Paper: The Price of Admission: Liability in Professional Baseball and Hockey For Spectator Injuries Jan 1, 2013 by Chris Yamaguchi (exit speed).
Book Review: High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time 2010 by Tim Wendel.

Reviewed on April 12, 2010 by Mark Ahrens at BookOnBaseball.com High Heat: Finding Baseball’s Fastest Pitcher

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